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Thai treasures!

Thai treasures!
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Paul Truong
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Ho Chi Minh Highway

Ho Chi Minh Highway
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Vetiver - The Great Carbon Sink

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The more I look at Vetiver grass and its remarkable characteristics the more the plant makes sense as possibly the world's best carbon sink for atmospheric carbon when grown in the warmer climates. Just looking at the root system tells you that this plant just has to sequester a lot of carbon, and it will do this year after year. We need funding for research to better identify, quantify , and model under different conditions what this plant will do with atmospheric carbon. The image to the left is a linear section of a hedgerow (6-8 ft of root depth and still heading down after 1 year). Every time someone plants vetiver for many of its applications (erosion control, pollution control, slope stabilization, etc) that application is seqestering carbon at a rate of 15 tons per linear km of vetiver hedgerow. If applied to a highway using say 10 rows of vetiver on each side this would be equivalent to 300 tons of sequestered carbon/km / annum.


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