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Thai treasures!

Thai treasures!
Vetiver handicrafts

Paul Truong

Paul Truong
Ho Chi Minh Highway

Ho Chi Minh Highway

Ho Chi Minh Highway
Vetiver has done its job! 14 years later stable slopes, clean road drains, and now mainly native species

Vetiver System Books - Forward notice

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just to let you know that by the end of November we will have three new Vetiver System books available:

(1) Vetiver System Applications - Technical Reference Manual - Portuguese Edition  (translated by Paulo R. Rogerio - Geotechnical Engineer - Brazil)

(2) Vetiver System Applications - Technical Reference Manual - Italian Edition  (translated by Marco Forti of Sardinia, Italy)

(3) LE SYSTÈME VETIVER - A hand book in French (Based on "Vetiver A Hedge Against Erosion" with some new photos) prepared by USAID WINNER project for users in Haiti.  This is a farmer orientated hand book.

These books will be available on line via: TVNI Publications .  The first two will also be available as hard copy from

I also remind you that there are new documents of interest on our Google Docs page that are available to the public.

Happy reading

Dick Grimshaw


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