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Vetiver handicraft opportunities
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Vetiver for Land Restoration
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Vietnam Vetiver Network -- Vetiver System Foundation -- Activities -- September 2015 to August 2018
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

You might be interested  in these graphs based on Google Analytics data showing TVNI website visits from USA, Brazil and India over the past five years compared to total world wide visits  -- a steady growth in website visits.  Outside of the US, India and Brazil have the greatest number of visitors.  I have shown a separate graph for the latter two countries. Note the 2010 data was based on data thru November 3 extrapolated to December 31.

The bottom line is that more people are visiting the site as the technology gets better known around the world.  I believe that the expanded increase in vetiver websites and blogs, along with Google discussion groups in both English and regional languages has had, and continues to have significant impact.  We should encourage the expansion of such networking.  It costs very little, except for the individual effort required to set up the network, feed it, and monitor it.

Dick Grimshaw


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