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Vietnam Vetiver Network -- Vetiver System Foundation -- Activities -- September 2015 to August 2018
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Landslide rehab and stabilization in Brazil

Friday, February 4, 2011

Extreme rainfall events are more common with climate change some can have devastating impact resulting in landslides, destruction of physical property (homes) and loss of life.  Most tropical countries are faced with this problem - this year Brazil has been in the spotlight.  The images on this blog show the rehab of one such slope in Rio de Janeiro State.  The work was designed and implemented by João Henrique Eboli, a retired telecommunications engineer, and comprised a carefully designed combination of engineering techniques and Vetiver grass.

The site is shown in the Google Earth image at the top of this blog, Mr. Eboli's land is marked in red and the land slip is marked with a blue X.  This image of 2009 shows the initial drain layout undertaken prior to treating with vetiver.  The slide on Mr Eboli's land joined with his neighbor's slip and together created major damage. On the far right are raw land slip areas.

The treated area was 1840 square meters, and cost just under $16 per square meter.  In the three years since implemented in 2008 it has stood up well to extreme rainfall events.

The image at the bottom was taken in mid January 2011 just after 123 mm rainfall in less than 24 hours. The treated slope stood up to the storm magnificently,  Read more


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