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Vetiver handicraft opportunities

Vetiver handicraft opportunities
Vetiver handicrafts around the world

Vetiver for Land Restoration

Vetiver for Land Restoration
An Ecuador experince

Vetiver powers agriculture

Vetiver System and Looming Food Crisis

Monday, April 21, 2008

  1. With the sharp increase in food prices around the world, a growing hunger problem, and global warming, it is important that we do all we can to improve sustainable agriculture output. Most of the increases in productivity have to come from RAINFED agricultural land, There are many ways of achieving increased productivity. The Vetiver System is one of them. It is an effective and low cost method AND it is proven in every tropical and semi-tropical country
  2. The Vetiver System will in one sweep:
  3. conserve soil, moisture and nutrients - Result - increased crop yields by as much as 50% (particularly in dry years - which nowadays are more frequent).
  4. reduce pest damage and recycle nutrients from deep soil profiles- Result - increased crop yields.
  5. as a bi-product it will produce significant yield of forage for livestock, as a stand alone forage crop it can produce very large quantities of biomass.
  6. vetiver hedgerows will reduce rainfall runoff and therefore enhances groundwater that can be used for domestic water and irrigation purposes. It will also improve river flow.
  7. bi-products can be used for handicrafts and other purposes - income benefits.
  8. the plant sequesters atmospheric carbon, and can be used for both off farm and on farm pollution control.


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If you are in a position to influence government policy makers at any level of Government now is the time to make that influence felt. If you have any dealings with international and national NGOs get them to take notice of what the Vetiver System can do to help sustain agriculture and be part of the solution for hunger alleviation.

Dick Grimshaw


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