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Vetiver handicraft opportunities

Vetiver handicraft opportunities
Vetiver handicrafts around the world

Vetiver for Land Restoration

Vetiver for Land Restoration
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Vetiver powers agriculture

Food Crisis, Earthquakes, and Typhoons

Friday, June 6, 2008

These are just some of the crisis effecting parts of the world at this time. Vetiver Systems can help in the prevention and treatment of the results of these catastrophes. The Vetiver Network has just published, available as hard copy at the following:

Vetiver Systems Application - A TECHNICAL REFERENCE MANUAL - Second Edition. June 2008. by Paul Truong, Tran Tan Van, and Elise Pinners is now published in FULL color (170 images) and available at for US $20 plus shipping.  This 91 page book packs all the essentials for putting in place the many applications of the Vetiver System.  It has five parts: The Vetiver Plant; Methods of Propagation; Disaster Mitigation and Infrastructure Protection; Prevention and Treatment of Contaminated Water and Land; On-farm erosion control and other uses.  The book is based on world wide experience and especially the last eight years in Vietnam.  The information can be used and applied virtually in any part of the world that has hot summers and mild (non ground freezing winters).  People responsible for working in tropical and semi-tropical developing countries should own a copy of this book.  AVAILABLE NOW (at Amazon). Hard copies can be bulk ordered (minimum 10 copies) for $8 each from TVNI on request. The book has been published in Vietnamese and is currently being translated into French, Mandarin, Spanish, Swahili and Tamil. The English edition can be down loaded (low resolution) at no cost from the internet.

FOUR NEW HANDBOOKS PUBLISHED with extracts from the above manual and more - with full color images - JUNE 2008. These books are: VS for Agriculture; VS for Slope Stabilzation (includes Disaster Mitigation); VS for Soil and Water Conservation, VS for Improvement of Water Quality - the Prevention of Contaminated Water and Land. They are up to 100 pages and contain many full color images of VS appplications. The books are available (at Amazon) at prices from $15 to $17 plus shipping. They are available for purchase in bulk (minimum 10 books) at $8 per book plus shipping from TVNI direct. The books are available for down load (low resolution) at no cost. You are welcome to translate the books into local languages. High resolution images are avilable on request to TVNI.

These are well written, factual, with excellent color illustrations. They should be in your library.

Dick Grimshaw


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