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Vetiver System "Zero Risk Slope Farming"

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I wonder how many of you who read this blog realize that unless we can slow down soil and fertility loss, rehabilitate unproductive land, and bring farm land back into high levels of production, the world will continue to need more land to feed its growing population resulting in more forest destruction - Cancun agreement or not!

This blog promotes the Vetiver System for many different applications including on farm soil and water conservation.  We have given many examples of its effectiveness.  Here is another one coming out of india.

Abdul Samad operates a tourist business and guest house at Blackberry Farm, near Munnar, Kerala, India.  He started using VS some years ago and has good results on his steep land.  Here is a note and photos from him.

"Here are the fruits of our efforts!  The soil on the slope you see in the pictures was spoiled by ruthless farming practices over several years.  My efforts to plant some vegetables there failed, and then I came in to contact with Mr. Haridas (India Vetiver Network Coordinator) 5 years back, ,who directed me to plant vetiver.  Now ultimately the soil has started "smiling"!  Thank you all.

We call the method, "Zero Risk Slope Farming" which is very relevant in the high ranges (hills) like Munnar in Kerala.  We cannot stop farming because we will have to feed people.  We cannot continue conventional practices because it will ruin the earth for ever.

Kindly share our happiness.  K.A.Abdul Samad"

The area referred to by Abdul used to be under tea.  You can see some of the old terraces.  He has used vetiver along the terrace edges as well as as "stand alone hedgerows" good results from both.  Notice also how the strawberries and cabbages are free of pests - I am pretty sure that Abdul does not use pesticides - pretty clean crops.  He also uses the cut vetiver leaves as mulch thus helping to improve soil organic matter and reduce weed growth. You can see more photos at Vetiver Galleries

If Abdul can be successful so can millions of other farmers if they can learn about and apply the Vetiver System.

Dick Grimshaw


Amazing!! Love the work, keep it up.

by. Eric Melton

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